Artificial Intelligence for your Spreadsheet

Make your Spreadsheets smarter with Guesswork.

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Upload a Spreadsheet with at least 2000 records.


Select the column you would like to predict.


The AI is ready to use within one minute.

Accurate Artificial Intelligence

For the following supported tasks, Guesswork will either produce an accurate model or guide you through making your model more accurate.


Labelling is the task of assigning zero or multiple tags to your data. For example, auto-labelling can come in handy with customer support to auto-tag topics or complain types.


Classification is the task of assigning one label to your data. For example, when dealing with payments, an AI can classify a transaction as fraudulent or genuine.


Regression is the task of predicting a number based on data. For example, regression can be used in the real estate market to estimate house prices.

On-Demand Pricing



per spreadsheet


Self hosted offering with support.

Get in touch with us for custom pricing.

Security is our Priority

We have designed an extremely secure platform where security is our top priority. Once your data is uploaded, it is never exposed publicly and only processed in secure environments* in the United States. You can delete your data anytime.

*secure environments can only be accessed via encrypted connections.

Use Cases

Customer Service

Automatically label and prioritize customer requests.

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Real Estate

Automatically estimate new listings.

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Estimate closing time, contract value and closing probability.

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Boost your business

Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to boost your business metrics by automating and accelerating operations.

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